Regularisation of Contract GDMOs & Non-Teaching Specialists appointed after 18.12.2006 in Delhi Health Services

In terms of GNCTD Notification No. F.70/45/2006/H&FW/Vol.IV/PF/6796-6810 dated 20.8.2014, all contract 528 Medical Officers and Specialists Gr.III were appointed in the GDMOs & Non-Teaching Specialists sub-cadre respectively of the Delhi Health Services (DHS) w.e.f. 23.12.2009 at the initial constitutional stage under Rule 6(2) of DHS(Allopathy) Rules, 2009, and their pay were also protected as drawn by them on 22.12.2009.
Under Rule 6(2), only those contract/ ad hoc officers (medical officers and Specialists) are considered who were appointed on or before 18.12.2006.
Similar protection has been denied to all those officers (medical officers and Specialists), who have joined on contract/ ad hoc basis after 18.12.2006. All such officers also deserve similar treatment and protection to get their regularisation in DHS with Pay Protection and other consequential benefits from the date of their initial appointment.
According to official record, there are 63 Medical Officers(Contract) and 86 Specialists (Contract) by end of year 2009, who have been appointed after 18.12.2006 by GNCTD. Some of them have already approached court/ Tribunal and their fate will depend on the decision of the respective courts of law.
Parties to the pending court cases/ OAs/ petition cannot join the present OA unless expressly permitted by their respective Courts.
Any other officer (medical officers or Specialists) who was appointed after 18.12.2006 on contract/ ad hoc basis by Delhi Govt, may seek our Consultation and/ or join as party in the fresh OA being considered here by filling-up the Form below:

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